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Thomas Allom

Thomas Allom (13 March 1804 – 21 October 1872) was an English architect, artist, and topographical illustrator. He was a founding member of what became the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).[1][2] He designed many buildings in London, including the Church of St Peter's and parts of the elegant Ladbroke Estate in Notting Hill. He also worked with Sir Charles Barry on numerous projects, most notably the Houses of Parliament, and is also known for his numerous topographical works, such as Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, published in 1838, and China Illustrated, published in 1845.

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Displaying the Scenery, Architecture and Social Habits of that Ancient Empire.
Drawn from original and authentic sketches by Thomas Allom Esq. with historical and descriptive notices by the Rev. G. N. Wright MA.

The Harbour of Hong Kong

The great wall

Mandarin's family - Ladies playing cards

Cap vendor's shop Canton

Chinese cat merchants

Pria Grand Macad

Western gate Peking (Beijing)
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