You Are Happy

by Margaret Atwood

You Are Happy
by Margaret Atwood

The water turns
a long way down over the raw stone,
ice crusts around it

We walk separately
along the hill to the open
beach, unused
picnic tables, wind
shoving the brown waves, erosion, gravel
rasping on gravel.

In the ditch a deer
carcass, no head. Bird
running across the glaring
road against the low pink sun.

When you are this
cold you can think about
nothing but the cold, the images

hitting into your eyes
like needles, crystals, you are happy.


玛格丽特·阿特伍德(Margaret Atwood,1939年11月18日-)是加拿大知名作家。她生于渥太华,是位多产的诗人、小说家、文学评论家、女权主义者、社会活动家。


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