Fusun Cakiroglu

by gallery

I was born in 1958 at Akhisar-Turkey. I am painting in oil, watercolor and pastel. I have a B.S. (bachelor of science) degree in Business Management from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. I have worked as Foreign Trade Expert, Operation and Logistic manager for 29 years. I am married and have two grown up children. From my childhood up to now, painting has been a part of my life and I want to tell you about my journey into wonderful world of painting. During my childhood, I used to paint every paper I found. It was a way of expression my feelings. Long years ago, one day I visited an exhibition, which was belonging to one of the famous Turkish artist. It was one of the best exhibits that I have seen with a series of wonderful oil colour paintings. The paintings were about rural life, horses and people and all of them were embraced with the impressive snowy white light in them. While I was suffering from a terrible headache that day before stepping into this exhibition, I surprisingly found out that there was no headache left but I had a peaceful happiness in my heart after my visit. So, I decided to paint more actively. From that date up to now, I am trying to paint, to improve myself, to understand the words of color, shapes, lines, and perspective and to improve my technique by painting more and more. And now, I am painting in watercolour, oil and pastel. I worked 4 years with one of the master of Watercolor in Ankara. I am happy, I am making paintings and I discovered the magic of colors. I hope you also enjoy with my paintings. If you want to learn more, please check my blog. http://fusuncakiroglu.blogspot.com.tr/p/suluboya-manzara.html

Fusun Cakirogu

2017-04-10 09:21:25