Cezanne's Ports

by Allen Ginsberg

The Gulf of Marseilles Seen from L'Estaque by Paul Cézanne

Cezanne's Ports
Allen Ginsberg

In the foreground we see time and life
swept in a race
toward the left hand side of the picture
where shore meets shore.

But that meeting place
isn't represented;
it doesn't occur on the canvas.

For the other side of the bay
is Heaven and Eternity,
with a bleak white haze over its mountains.

And the immense water of L'Estaque is a go—between
for minute rowboats.


艾伦·金斯堡(英语:Irwin Allen Ginsberg,1926年6月3日-1997年4月5日),美国诗人,最出名的作品是长诗《嚎叫》,在这首诗中他赞扬了垮掉派的伙伴们,对当时在美国泛滥的物质主义与墨守成规做出了猛烈批判。他在六七十年代的反越战抗议及左翼运动中亦扮演了重要角色。
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