Updates to the site [10/07/12]

by tool

Updates to the site will now be displayed here.

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Change Log:
- You should have noticed already that the entire site has been redesigned! Of course there are still things to do but this site contains many of the pages missing from the previous sites and works better and looks better. It also should work with all browsers.
- Search allows you to search both feedback and topics
- New edit and remove menus
- New category page so those without javascript can see the menu
- Archive page added
- Links page added but not yet functional
- Series has now been updated to work better
- You can now preview your post!
- [Note: Settings are not yet implemented]

- New Site in beta, still have a lot to do though, new link at the bottom

- Feedback page now opens a new window to view feedback, popup blockers may block this so you will have to disable this, but hopefully this means that you won't need to keep clicking the feedback button and wait for feedback to load.
- I'm doing a complete redesign of the site again, mainly due to people complaining about how this new site doesn't work as well as making it phone compatible. If you wish to have a look at the new site while I'm designing it have a look at the link at the bottom of this post.

- Feedback page updated so that it now has pages. Unfortunately there is a loading time now but this only occurs when it's trying to get feedback for the first time, changing pages is instantaneous

- Series now fully implemented, to create a new Series go and create a new post, then under the series section press create, a popup should appear (if not then you may have a popup blocker). To edit a series go to settings (inbetween your name and logout) and select the series from the dropdown menu
- Added settings which allows you to edit series and change your password.
- Gallery pictures now fit screen size
- Windmill now turns

- The function to add your own Series has been added however it is hidden still as I still require to add the ability to add onto the series

- Series are partially added. Many functions are still missing so they aren't going to be fully implemented yet. However if you really require a series post it in the feedback and I can manually add the series in for you.

- Added the [code] tag. BBCode is disabled within these tags
- Added A CAPTCHA test on old site to stop bots from spamming the website

- Youku videos now are displayed under feedback box
- Added the colour/color tag in the BBCode, to use this type either [color={colour}]{yourtexthere}[/color] or [colour={colour}]{yourtexthere}
- Added user only stickies, these are stickies that only people who are logged in can see

Upcoming Changes:
- Link page needs to be functional
- Settings page needs to be written

2012-02-28 09:46:17